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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 22, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 9:00. >>pam: an update on the brian stow beating case, an arrest made. team coverage tonight we will tell you the suspect is, how he was tracked down and what his family has to say about the investigation. they're still on his life outside brian's hospital room tonight. he tells his helpless crack the case. >>j.r. stone: it was the tips that came and that helped break the case, hundreds that came in through the form of phone calls. e-mail's, and in this case it really was the help of our parole agent that broke it. police say this is a sketch of the man they locked up, 31 year-old geo bonnie ramirez. in jail this evening in connection with the brutal beating of giants
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fan brian stow. >> i would like to commend the lapd for swiftly taking action and following the lead allowing us to stand here and make this announcement today. >>j.r. stone: official announcement in sunday afternoon more than seven weeks after brian stow was attacked outside dodger stadium and 630 leads later. >> any detectives full time on this case they were to combine its 6000 hours on the investigation. >>j.r. stone: eris was caught at this complex early sunday morning and he was suspect no. 1 on billboard's posted across the state. police say was of kroll agent when of the similarities between the suspect shortly after the attack. according to the l.a. times the agent recently noticed and neck tattoo on ramirez. a sign he may have been trying to cover up an older tattoo. the search is on for the other two suspects involved in the brian stow beating. >> tech and the woman who was driving you need to give
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yourself and. your the coward that did this, you need to give yourself in. >>j.r. stone: out here this evening at san francisco general this is where brian stow is still staying at this point and recovering at this point in critical condition. this case as you heard there far from over, two suspects still being solved but police say they got their guy and these three witnesses have identified him as being involved. reporting live in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: giants released a statement today concerning the arrest and said the rest is welcome news in what has been a very difficult time for the still family. while brian stow was out of his, he remains unconscious and in critical condition. his friends and family are relieved to know a suspect was arrested. michael was @ san francisco general today and chose as their reaction. >> it's a good feeling i think we are all waiting for a now with the process of
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finding the second guy. >>nicole: any work as in the empty with brian stow before he was beaten to death more than seven weeks ago. when he found out an arrest was made in connection with the beating he stopped by san francisco general hospital to check up on brian stow. there is no family members available. >>nicole: his family was not available to top the did post a message on the support website stating we would like to start off by thinking everyone for their thoughts and prayers for brian's recovery. we would also like to thank the lapd for all their hard work on the case. his family has there overwhelmed with emotions right now and will have more comments on monday. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of brian stow any attack including the family first reaction to today's arrests. authorities in contra costa county are searching for missing infant. the mother of this four month old see the baby was not in her bassinet when she woke up this morning.
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kron 4 spent the day and begins the team coverage on the search for the missing child. >>reporter: this missing infant case has baffled the quiet town located next to brentwood. authorities say the parents but four months old to bed around 10:00 saturday night. when they woke up the following morning they found that she was missing. the parents called 911 and investigators have since been searching for her. >> it suspicious in nature, for month babies to walk away on their own. we don't know what happened. >>reporter: investigators say there is no evidence suggesting someone broke into the house and ran off with the infant. the victims' relatives tell me the baby usually sleeps in a bassinet in the parents' bedroom. the mother and the father you see here have been taking to the county sheriff department for questioning.
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>> parents for the last people to see campand. >>reporter: 0100 people worked on the case sunday, mostly search and rescue personnel. he could see volunteers were careful to look for signs of the little baby. five search dogs also sniffed out the surrounding area. aside from the missing infant, the parents of three other young children in the house. so far there are no signs of the little infant. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: kron 4 maureen kelly continues team coverage with reaction from the neighborhood and family. >>maureen: friends and relatives of the family gathered near the homework for month year-old laney was scene. speaking to such a happy baby and always cheerful he would just make you laugh. it's devastating something like this would happen to our family. we
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just want her home safe. this is a wonderful happy family. >>maureen: and say the parents are now surrounded by caution tape but there for kids under 10 years old are just everyday folks. >> cree people, agreed to hang out with just really nice. they're like your everyday parents. >>maureen: the people who live here say they are shaken by the disappearance. this big its nerve wracking because there are times when we leave in a we don't locker door and to meet the form of gold as a walked away. it's scary. >> it gives me goose on sex, where is this baby? where is this child? if hasn't eaten or been changed. where is this child? >>maureen: morning chilly, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: it's been a windy day today. the winds
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have not let up here and in other places as well. our current wind speeds, breezy, san francisco 33 mi. an hour winds at this hour. 44 sustained winds the chefs and the '50s. when the of the airport pandy east bay shores some in the 20 mi. an hour range. it was easily see over night and into tomorrow if the gusty winds close to the coast line and it will come down and land out there this evening by noon tomorrow, breezy close to the coast and the winds picked up through the bay into tomorrow afternoon. sustained winds in the 20 mi. an hour range with gusts in san francisco in the 30's and 20's elsewhere. tomorrow, fog is pushing up along the coast we will see the fog tomorrow morning and that will push back to the san mateo coastline by noon tomorrow. the winds will
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pick up after the noon hour off. five the afternoon windy conditions and warmer today. with a chance of rain back in the forecast. >>pam: the sharks are going to have to win tuesday to stay in the nhl playoffs. they had a rough game for and against the vancouver canucks. they remained scoreless until the second period. that's when the canucks scored three goals on four shots. they held the lead to beat the sharks 4-2. the giants completed a three game sweep of the a's in dramatic fashion. the winning run in the 11th inning with care and scoring on a close play at the plate. the 5-4 victory was the fifth win in a row for the world series champs. still ahead, the president prepares for a trip to ireland as he fights of claims is a ministration is pro palestinian. if we show
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>>pam: barbara hall has details. >>reporter: president barack obama. reaffirmed the united states support of israel sunday while addressing the american israel public affairs committee conference. >> israel's existence must not be a subject for debate and efforts to chip away at israel's legitimacy and will be met by the unshakable opposition of the united states. the, >>reporter: and came after the president made controversial remarks thursday about israel and palestine borderline. >> we believe the borders should be based on the 1967 lines. >>reporter: something the
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prime minister did not agree with. he could not go back to the '67 lines they were indefensible, they did not take into account the demographic realities said i understand i'm not asking you to go back to the '67 lines. all >>reporter: though his remarks stirred a response, the country's relationship remains strong. >> even while we may at times disagree as friends who, the bonds between the united states and israel are unbreakable. and the commitment to of the united states to the security of israel is ironclad. >>reporter: responded saying he shares of all is well to promote peace. barbara hall, kron 4 news. >>pam: coming up will preview the president's trip to ireland and meet the people in one town preparing for that trip. move over silicon valley, coming up get ready for silicon city in all places detroit.
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>>jacqueline: a little warm over the next couple of days with a chance of rain by mid-week. we will talk all about it coming up. >>pam: dr.phil is moving time slots to 4:00 p.m. the change begins monday may 30th. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>>pam: good news for many riders who use the n line, they're using more lines. again >>jeff: and ride on the train after 10:00 p.m. as a piece of cake. and lining up at the end. the morning and afternoon is a different story altogether. the trains are packed in operators often have to pass up several stops. muni hopes that all of that will change next month. the agency is rolling in a pilot program calling the express that's a fancy name for several buses that will be added to the rotation to take the pressure off the most use a train line in the city. the
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buses will start in the playa and start on the same routes as the trains. it will make 11 stops along the way, the end buses will make the final stop at 19th avenue. this will run during the morning and afternoon commute as part of this this six month experiment to see how well the works. >> we will take a look to see if we got right in terms of monitoring the rider ship. the impact it has on the rail line, see who's taking it and make sure we get it right. >>jeff: knee is hoping the best solution is the way to go and commuters will be able to get where they're going on time. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: what a windy day today. here is tomorrow at a glance, fog for the coast and bay shore locations tomorrow morning. it temperatures in the upper '40's and low 50's. if wind in the fall will clear to the coast and temperatures will warm up into the '60s
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for most locations. 4:00 p.m. temperature is warm several degrees over today and we will help those winds to contend with. of tracker tomorrow, fog south of the golden gate along the san mateo coastline, the bay shores and towards the south bay. in looks like the fog will mainly stayed down to the south. by 9:00 it will clear out and a few areas of the lingering fog and the south bay and san mateo coast. the fog will peel back slowly from the san mateo coast into the afternoon. we should see plenty of sunshine otherwise. temperatures will look like this. warming over today, santa rosa 76, 70 now, most seventies for the death of the 62 san francisco, 67 along the coast, upper 60s and low '70's in the south bay. we have change is coming to the forecast by midweek the satellite and radar picture
9:20 pm
showing the storm digging through the we have dryer air filling in behind. that's when we will see the warmer conditions. by the end of the week a chance for rain. early morning wednesday you could see the chance of rain increasing first in the north bay and by the afternoon the chance of rain increases bay area wide. we could deal with what wednesday commute. finally tapering off early thursday morning. or not done with the rain had at least the north bay will see rain on wednesday. breezy tomorrow, temperatures warm a little bit and we will stay in the same spot for tuesday. wednesday the chance of rain temperatures dropping off until about 60 degrees bay area wide. thursday temperatures will rebound on friday and cooling back down for the weekend. >>pam: 06 marriages in the
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hands of voters not lawmakers. we will see of minnesota is one abandon their state. we will look at detroit's motor city and its new nickname silicon city. ♪
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>> what we do is we simulate the vehicle. people don't realize there is five times the computing power in a car than there is in the most sophisticated smartphones. >>reporter: the motor city turn into tech town u.s.a.? >> we have hired people from silicon valley and microsoft. >>reporter: say it might be. detroit is in 82% increase in tech jobs at companies like this. is there tech job alone here? >> there is, i've never seen this much hiring in technology since i have been here. my group will travel
9:25 pm
over a three-year period. >>reporter: i was offered at their positions, >> try tech workers make an average of seven $1,000 a year less than silicon valley but a great living here. it's very competitive and then one has to stay and what to rebuild detroit. >>reporter: engineering students all had jobs lined up before graduation. is there a sense of pride in one to tell the world a detroit is still here? >> definitely, there are people who need jobs badly sold. >>reporter: 07 this will be its biggest hiring here yet in detroit. >> to come out of college and be put on a career path is amazing. >>reporter: is are such a big boom and tech jobs? some people say in cities like this so many jobs have been lost becausthe only weird placeo
9:26 pm
go was up. >> technology plays a big part in that. >>reporter: chemical this attack the wrong? >> yes, near city is certainly bigger buthat they're not growing as fast. >>reporter: he said his company is making some 1200 new hires here and many in technical. >> when to keep our tack here, we're not so much a muscle economy anymore. >>pam: makers and minnesota are turning to voters to decide whether not to banned same-sex marriage. coming up will look at the voters. if we will follow president barack obama to head overseas to trace his roots in ireland.
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>>j.r. stone: have been talking with police officers all my long and they say it was this parole agent who helped write the case. and all the officers who work to catch the suspect. brian stow is here the hospital directly behind me. this is the suspect was arrested in connection with the beating. his name is geo funny and he is 31 years old. it is in jail been held on a million dollar bond. he was caught in this apartment in los angeles early this morning. it was his parole officer who saw the sketch and thought he may be the one police are looking for. he may be the one involved in the be down. finally had to search warrants this morning. of the
9:30 pm
>> it's up o'clock this morning at a phone call from a chief of operations and he said the words of the waiting for for seven weeks. he said if we had a suspect in custody. >>j.r. stone: is affecting custody as brian stow recovers of this hospital keep in mind this case is far from over. they're still searching for two suspects involved in this case. again three witnesses, identified the man who was arrested today as one of the suspects and one of the guys they sought out side of dodger stadium. reporting live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >>pam: 3 people recovering from severe burns after an explosion at the apartment. it happened friday evening in livermore. police believe it started with the illegal drug activity. though they have not said exactly in what way. the three people who suffered from burns
9:31 pm
remaining critical conditions. today harvey milk would of been 81 years old. today and friends attended the special riping cutting ceremony. the voters of minnesota will decide if they want came marriage banned in the state. karen tells us why lawmakers are turning to voters to make the decision. if >>reporter: at long last a break in the turbulent weather raging inside the state capital. inside, an emotionally charged atmosphere has not subsided. hundreds of people rallied
9:32 pm
at the capitol demonstrating against budget cuts they say would devastate the middle class and working for. meantime, at outside the house chamber another showdown this one between both sides of the gay marriage debate her hip-hop no. lawmakers will decide the issue ends up on the 2012 ballot. lawmakers tackle another hot-button issue voting to send the governor a bill that would require voters to show photo id at the polls. the debate on that fiery with democrats alleging the measure would disenfranchise voters appoint republicans out right tonight. >> you make it difficult for people with disabilities are people who are senior citizens and immobile.
9:33 pm
speaking it's not easy, as a matter of fact when we apply for our past four we complied with those kinds of requirements. >> behind all the commotion the ongoing budget battle. republican leaders did sit down with the governor and both sides say they're still searching for common ground. >> it would be helpful to the process if you let us know in the next few days we can do to fix something. >> licenses for same-sex marriage are currently on hold in minnesota. they called the same-sex ban unconstitutional. >>jacqueline: temperatures for the most part today in the '50s and '60s and cooling down. overnight the upper '40's and low 50s. right now sitting in the '50s and nearly bay area
9:34 pm
wide. temperatures going to cool into the upper '40's with a few low 50s. are continuing to see windy conditions at this hour. san francisco at the airport 39 mi. an hour sustained winds. off we've seen sustained winds in the '40's out there and gusts in the '50s and certainly breezy at the airport. it in oakland, a 22 mi. an hour winds. it will stay breezy close to the coastline this evening but by tomorrow afternoon windy conditions bay area wide. tonight and tomorrow, problems along the coast family will see low clouds move along the bay shores over night. tomorrow afternoon, the winds picking up again into the later afternoon hours. temperatures warming a little bit tomorrow as the storm moves all the way to east. tomorrow night the fog will return, we will see
9:35 pm
warmer conditions but a big challenge by mid-week. >>pam: biologists believe they are getting closer to what they believe is been killing leopard sharks. those animals have been found along the shores of redwood city. charles clifford tells us what can be blamed for the deaf. >>reporter: department has collected nearly a dozen dead lover charts from marin county, san francisco and a long this canal in redwood city. while the work is in complete, fishing game now suspects what may have killed the sharks with a heavy rainfall from the past winter. basically all of the freshwater runoff change the salinity of the bay. it is particularly bad in places like this canal where the sharks like to feed. a biologist and spoke with said lipper sharks have trouble adjusting to sell low salinity. that's what may have caused them to act radically and died. fishing games of there's no evidence that pathogens such as bacteria or virus killed the sure. it will lead pollution
9:36 pm
is the problem because only leopard sharks and bat rays have been found dead. many other types of fish in the same area have survived. this investigation isn't over, biologists are hoping lab tests will confirm or deny their theory in the next couple of weeks. in redwood city, kron 4 news. >>pam: many to go back to retrace their roots, president barack obama is no different. this trip is to ireland. we take a look of the newest four g phone by for verizon. w#ç3 ♪
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>>pam: president barack obama is among many americans it can retrace his haul routes to ireland. intelsat shows us how the people there are preparing for the return of all loss son. >>reporter: little village in ireland is more through way than the kind of place that you stop off for walk around in a quick kind of guinness. this monday
9:40 pm
president barack obama. has promised to do that. visit the village where his irish ancestors came from and swing by the local pub. we knew the president had an interesting his home want to express that he did want to the livisit the little village in ireland and have applied. determined to live the good impression, the villages have given it a bit of a facelift. if she came down into pictures of all the houses in the village and then she came up less at colors scheme. in the smarter than it's ever van, the american flag flies spread. i never expected him to come nor that would be able to see him. we didn't expect the president we were all delighted when he became
9:41 pm
president. seven >>reporter: 5 year-old sadie think she is president barack obama is the oldest living relative and ireland. i don't know how one related but it's back through the keeley's. i think i am a late cousin. >>reporter: in the cathedral until kenny and an hour and other description of a family connection. if as far as we know the bishop is related to barack obama.. the bishop had two sons and three daughters. his eldest daughter rose married into t family which is then. >>reporter: is nothing to the number of obama cousins
9:42 pm
i made an kill can a cottage where kate and look go to school. i >>reporter: hard to spot the family resemblance but the family pride set the official. >> at least we know he is there in the atmosphere around is a common theme and its importance. >>reporter: have any of you been to the united states? >> no not yet. of from (laughter) >>pam: nature is on a tirade. tornados carry parts of the midwest and the mighty mississippi is still posing threats and several states. >>jacqueline: we have a chance of rain wednesday afternoon we will time that. i will have that coming up.
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>>pam: at least one person has been killed after train no touchdown in minneapolis today. you could see roof spill back on the trees broken into pieces and decrease strewn across the place. the essence of people were left without power. their reports of tornadoes in missouri, kansas and oklahoma. gene tagalong with one crew as they ventured down the river. >>reporter: along the mississippi even those who work along the water, are almost under the water. one of its tugs' is headed down the river though the river has never been like this before. it's really hard to comprehend how much water is coming through here. i have
9:47 pm
tremendous respect for it and a lot of fear. they're headed south to meet up with another towboat and helping maneuver this stretch of mississippi. this is usually the easiest part of the river to navigate but not right now. they tie up to a barge filled with chemicals and along with its towboat push against the current. together their engines put out more than 63600 power. at points they fight to go 1 mi. an hour. >> water will go out and come in like an ocean tide and we have never seen that before. i have never seen the current white cap off the peers like it is. >>reporter: only speaking keep the current from smashing the votes and barge into the bridge between vidalia off. very nervous, they're closer to the bridge's piers than they would like to and could feel
9:48 pm
the red for fighting for control. but the naked and a little further up river of the votes on tie, the towboat heading north along with its cargo. right now the river is flexing its muscles, it is so vague and so strong there is little doubt that the towboat will need at their assistance before it reaches its the third destination. >>pam: in world is, four people killed in the attack in pakistan it late sunday. militants fresh debt army base. in iceland of volcano eruptions has left the streets of nearby cities covered in ash and began erupting yesterday for the first time in seven years side to say this was an shouldn't cause too much trouble.
9:49 pm
>>jacqueline: a windy day of their to dave, winds continue at this hour. the wind gusts have been in the '50s in certain spots of the bay area today. windy conditions for the coastline and also for inland valleys. 54 mi. an hour at sfo. the winds will continue tomorrow morning and afternoon. gusty along the coastline at this hour, the winds will die down but into tomorrow morning we will see a break in the inland valleys with wind gusts getting down to the single digits. watches everything picks up again into the later afternoon hours by 5:00 all the blue indicating wind gusts in the 20's and '30's. we will see that through the evening tomorrow. we will also see a foggy start to the day tomorrow in certain spots.
9:50 pm
this in detail coastline also into the south bay high for your morning commute fog. seeing fog continuing in the south bay but by noon the san mateo coastline sing a little bit of fog but for the most part we will be in the clear. temperatures to start the day, upper '40's and low 50s but of little cooler in santa rosa and it's expected to stay clear through the night. forcing 47 now but, 46 along the coast in half moon bay, 49 san jose. in the afternoon, back into the upper '70's in santa rosa, 70 in napa, 62 san francisco, of for 60s for the bay shores and the '70s in the south bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, the next couple of days not a whole lot of change. of fog in morning, breezy afternoon and temperatures not changing. by wednesday a storm, and these the north
9:51 pm
bay. temperatures will cool down dramatically. rainfall totals not too excessive. thursday and friday the conditions will be nicer more mild than clear. >>pam: more big changes are coming to the bay bridge. and indeed for for the east bound approach will be constructed over the memorial day weekend. the bridge will remain open but there will be lane closures over night this weekend. the new lanes are expected to be open monday may 30th. a downloadable app has been created that lets people it's still close first. george uses it to show us with a detour will look like. >>reporter: is a look at the bay bridge as it exists. you can see that car is coming off they have to make right turn and then a left turn in order to get into the toll plaza flats. i will push the button and show you what the new lineup looks like from exactly the same position. you could see that
9:52 pm
curves with the new asphalt are much more gentle. it's a broader sweeping turns so what should be easier for motorists to navigate than this old lady out. again that's the old one and here is an example of the new one. here is exactly how it looks now on the lower deck of the bay bridge as your heading east bound. were at 50 m.p.h. which is the recommended speed it and even with these lane changes there will be no reduction in speed because now we are approaching the area where the new construction will see in this is exactly what it will be like after memorial day weekend. there's a new ash fall, we are further to the south and we are driving in a gentler curve lane. any sort of change is liable to have a different kind of impact on drivers. it's likely that it could take some time for people to get adjusted to the changes. >>pam: much-anticipated joy
9:53 pm
it 4 g smart phone is finally here. we would like to know if it's worth the high.
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>>pam: >>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: it's finally here of the drug charge smart phone is on time all while on the rise in net work this is the first 4 g to lloyd smartphones. this is a big deal to drive line has been popular in now there is a four g droid which means it should be 10 times faster than the other droids on the market. the first thing i notice was held let it was, like a father of love that. a big touchscreen, fully loaded smartphones not big in clunky. here it is, the first 4 g signal an adroit smart phone. it was noticeably faster than 3 g, videos, web pages loaded fast. it runs on google android to it has access to all the gaps in the android market. there's something special in new aid uses a super bright l load e d
9:57 pm
screen it's about 30% brighter than most smartphones out there. for verizon claims he could see the screen and outside in daylight. i trotted out, a one outside of looked good it was easy to see the screen, at text on the screen popped out. i like what felton handle. what i don't like, microphones with physical slide out keyboards. they priced it at $300 with a two-year contract. most smartphones are $200 with a two-year contract. i do understand why the four g and features of this phone make it for the expensive to produce. if you want really like way blazing fast droid 4 g smart phone with a special screen that makes it easy to see when your out in the daylight and you don't mind paying $300 you will be happy with the jury charge. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >>pam: jacqueline in for brian. wind? >>jacqueline: windy today we will see it again tomorrow afternoon
9:58 pm
>>pam: we will be back at 11:00, hope to see you then. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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